A 2018 Life Update

Well, hello there!

Until this week, it’s been a minute since you’ve heard from me here. You know how I wrote about Mitch’s unexpected job change? Well, the move, all the weddings we attended, family trips (including our recent 2.5 week getaway to London and Ireland!), among other things, kept me a little distracted – and to be honest, it was a struggle. Now, before everyone starts saying “poor thing” [eyeroll], most things that happened in 2017 were really fun and I’m so thankful for all the opportunities we were able to take part in last year.

But for me, it was a stretch year.

If we were to sit down and chat about upcoming plans and goals over coffee on this day one year ago, what would have come out of my mouth would be ONE HUNDRED PERCENT different than where I am right now. I would have told you about my life plans in Charlotte, how I wanted to get back into Pure Barre and yoga more often and how Mitch and I wanted to plan a trip to Germany for Octoberfest in the fall. We wanted to save money and travel as much as we could and see good friends in places near and far away that we don’t see often. We were in our first year of homeownership and planned to stay put for a while. Things were going to slow down(ish) and remain stable.

And then Mitch abruptly left his job, which soon led to a new opportunity for him in South Carolina – so we went.

Buying, selling and moving houses had it’s issues – as it does – and I left my full-time job at the end of the summer. We’re in an entirely new (to me) town and I’m getting used to a slower pace of life. There are cows across the street, the grocery store is locally owned and the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond is 40 minutes away. I’m not complaining one bit. It’s actually nice to come home to a quiet place and it makes me thoughtful as to how I plan my outings. I like shopping local products and having the beach nearby is a HUGE plus, until summer traffic comes I guess. It’s just different. I’m still settling, we’re still traveling quite a bit and we’re learning how to compromise until we figure out our new groove.

Through all that, I realized how much I’ve missed writing. I realized how many people have asked me about my next blog post and how nice it is to share these thoughts with friends and family. After a significant period of time abroad, I was able to step back and look at everything from a different perspective and I’m re-inspired and ready to really create again.

So here’s the start of what you can expect from me on Fonderlove in 2018:

  • Twice weekly posts on all the things you’ve come to read about here: love notes and what’s going on with me, inspiring thoughts and finds, lifestyle content and travel stories.
  • Contributors! I’d love to have some of my friends, family and inspiring people share their own perspectives here.
  • Some shopping recos and fun – because yes, I still love shopping.
  • Grace. For myself and for you. This is a no judgement zone, so feel free to share your thoughts, too!

You down?