Words to Live By: Do It Scared

Somehow, I’ve taken quite a liking to change. Small changes like a haircut or big leaps of faith like starting a new business make me feel fresh, refocused and really energized. It’s a time for a fresh start – budding potential loaded with inspiration and a whole lot of drive to make decisions and get things done. I’m not sure if it’s because my life has been a string of changes and adaptation (mostly positive ones, luckily!) but although I love the feeling of familiarity and cozy traditions, there’s nothing like a new adventure.

I’m a planner but I’ve also always been a bit impulsive. I like to think that’s to my advantage, but when I’m feeling inspired I work out a plan in my head and just do it. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes it fizzles out, but I’ve gotten to have a lot of great experiences by just doing whatever “it” is.

A mantra I recently heard in a business training session that has really stuck with me is just three little words: Do it scared.

I think we all put too much pressure on ideas that need to be perfect, well thought out, prepared for and timed just right rather than just getting things in order and taking the leap. Whether it’s making a bold move in a relationship, starting a new life chapter, planning a trip or making a business goal happen, there’s never a better time than now to get started. But that’s the key – you have to start. What good are all your plans if that’s all they ever end up being? Plus, that experience will never be how you expected. The only way to get to your goal is to weather the twists and turns along the way.

Don’t think you’re prepared enough? Not enough money saved to be comfortable? You’d be surprised what you can do when the only way out is forward. By all means, please plan and save and set standards and goals, but don’t be afraid to do it scared. Get comfortable being uncomfortable and be willing to be humble and use your resources along the way.

It might be a little scary but I promise it’s way more fun. Say it with me: Do it scared.